Convenient End-to-End Encryption for E-Mail

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Autocrypt-capable mail apps work with any e-mail provider. You and your friends can use your existing e-mail addresses.

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Open Standard

Autocrypt is an open specification for e-mail encryption. Under the hood, it uses OpenPGP and other e-mail standards.

What is Autocrypt?

Autocrypt is a set of guidelines for developers to achieve convenient end-to-end-encryption of e-mails. It specifies how e-mail programs negotiate encryption capabilities using regular e-mails. Autocrypt Level 1 was created in 2019 and subsequently implemented in various MUAs and is in wide active use. For users, Autocrypt offers single-click, opt-in encryption, eases encrypted group communications, and provides a way to setup encryption on multiple devices.

Mailing list and Source repository

You may join the Autocrypt mailing list for community discussions. Or view the Autocrypt git respository.

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